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Our 24/7 Concierge Call Center is staffed with friendly and sexy Client Services reps, who would be happy to recommend a tease and denial Mistress that suits your needs and preferences.

Our Free Online Live Help Mistresses are available throughout the day and night to answer questions about our service, and to recommend the perfect tease and denial Phone Sex Mistress for you.

Our Customer Promise guarantees that you will never pay for a phone sex session that you're not happy with. We understand that it can take a while to find the right fit. As soon as you know that the Mistress you're speaking with is not the right fit for you, politely end the all and we'll find someone else for you, and you won't be charged for the first call.

Our Mistress Selection Process: We work only with the most intelligent, sexiest and experienced tease and denial Phone Sex Mistresses in the industry. Our selection process is very specific and involved. We spend hundreds of hours each year talking to prospective tease and denial Phone Sex providers to select the best of the best. We spend all this time finding the best, so you don't have to!


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Toll Free, 800-356-6169

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Orgasm Denial, Teasing and Chastity Sites

Cock Control - Orgasm Denial and Cockteasing: One of our very first sites, Cock Control focuses on female control of the male, through his cock. This site offers orgasm denial, guided masturbation, tease and denial or cockteasing, cock milking, and chastity training.

May I Cum - Daily Orgasm Denial Assignments: Check out May I Cum for daily audio and written orgasm denial assignments.

Tease Mania: TeaseMania is our user forum site. On TeaseMania, we offer teasing discussions, orgasm denial stories, user polls, site news, and everyone's favorite: free femdom and orgasm denial audios.

Tease Mafia - Tease and Denial: Like May I Cum, but without the denial. At TeaseMafia, at least you have a chance at an orgasm!

Male Chastity Phone Sex: Short-term chastity. Long term chastity. Chastity devices. All about chastity.

Pass the Penis: A fun teasing and orgasm denial game.

Stroke for Me: Guided masturbation with the Mistresses of Cock Control.

Extreme Cock Control: You've been used to the idea of cock control for a while now and are ready for something more. Can you handle Extreme Cock Control?

Masturbation Marathon: Do you have what it takes to complete a masturbation marathon? Masturbation endurance training with the Mistresses of Cock Control.

Masturbation Manager: You need a someone to manage your masturbation. A masturbation manager. A Cock Control Masturbatrix.

Edging Phone Sex: Orgasm Edging. Tease and Delay. Tease and Denial. Masturbation Edging.

Masturbation Trance: Tantric Masturbation. Have you tried it?

Extreme Cock Teasing: Can you handle it? Call one of our experienced Cock Teases and find out!

We Ruin Orgasms: Curious as to what, exactly, a ruined orgasm is? Call one of our ruined orgasm experts to find out.

Feminization, Cross Dressing, Etc

Fem Phone: FemPhone is our general feminization site. If you have fantasies about being dressed up and getting sexy, check out FemPhone

Sissy Style Magazine: A popular site containing sissy assignments.

Sissy School: Another of our most popular sites, Sissy School is for the submissive sissy.

SissyVille! Another site for our beloved sissies, hosted by our own Ms Carmen

Get Girlie: Sissy School's "sister site", GetGirlie, is where our sissy and feminization discussion forums are located. Like TeaseMania, this site offers discussions, news, feminization fiction and sissy audios

Humiliation: Coerced Bi, Cuckold, Etc

Phone Humiliation: If erotic humiliation is your thing, then visit our site, Phone Humiliation. Whether you're into cuckold humiliation, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, public humiliation, strap-on humiliation, or any other form of erotic humiliation, we have someone who can humiliate you as gently or as harshly as you need.

Suck Patrol: For the bi-curious or cock-curios, Suck Patrol offers a safe place to explore bisexual fantasies on the phone

Cuckold Fantasies: For many men, the idea of watching their wife or girlfriend with another man is very arousing. If this is you - check out our cuckold site, Cuckold Fantasies, and explore your cuckold fantasies

Sensual Humiliation: Do you enjoy sensual humiliation? Explore the softer side of humiliation at

Erotic Phone Humiliation: Do you find humiliation erotic? Is it a turn-on to realize a sexy woman is laughing a your expense?

Humiliation Calls: Because you can't get enough humiliation

Please Your Mistress: If you're not sure what type of submissive you are, explore the Please Your Mistress website - we'll help you figure it out.

Interactive/Community Sites

Enchantrix Empire Adult Social Network Connect with other like-minded adults at Enchantrix Empire, our Adult Social Networking Site.

Community Kink Adult Chat: Get to know the Mistresses behind the Mistress Line, and get to know your fellow chatters at Community Kink, our interactive online chat site

Cock Radio: Yes, we do have our own internet radio station! And it's free...tune in to Cock Radio for sexy programming and great music.

Cuckold Boot Camp: This blog contains many cuckolding assignments written by various LDW Mistresses.

Femdom - Domination - Female Domination

Mistress of Mean: If you crave a strict, stern, cruel Mistress, check out the Mean Dominas of Mistress of Mean - no sensual domination here!

Call for Domination: Check out this blog for domination assignments from various LDW Mistresses.

Cocktease Boot Camp: This group blog is full of cockteasing assignments.

Domination Boot Camp: Another blog full of domination assignments from various LDW Mistresses.

Please Your Mistress: It's all about pleasing Mistress!

Phone Sex Femdommes: Femdom Phone Sex

Sensual Domination: Sensual Femdom Domination

Domination Phone Sex: Explore the world of Female Domination

Domination Hell: Female Domination and Female Supremacy

Captivity Hell: Femdom interrogation and captivity

Be My Throne: Oral servitude, face sitting, queening, and human furniture

Legs Forever: Leg Worship and Leg Fetish including pantyhose and stockings

Phone Sex Foot Fetish: Foot fetish and foot worship, including shoe and boot fetish

Male Chastity: For those who are interested in chastity, we offer the Chastity Mistress website, featuring two of our chastity specialists

Body Worship 101: The female body deserves worship. This site is focused on training men to properly worship their Goddesses.

Mature, MILF, Cougar

Mad About MILFs: Are you mad about MILFs? Do you find older women sexy?

MILF Phone Sex: Do you like MILFs? Is there something about experienced older women that you just can't resist?

Mature Phone Sex Lover: Are you attracted to MILFs? Are you enthralled by Cougars? Do older, more mature women turn you on?

Adult Social Network, Group Blogs, Forums, Chat

Get Girlie: Are you into feminization? Get girle is a forum with feminization audios, stories, assignments, and other fun, feminine stuff to do. Check it out, today!

Tease Mania: Do you enjoy being teased? You'll love Teasemania, our forum that contains teasing audios, stories, assignments, and other fun ways to be teased. Head on oroticauver and check it out!

Cock Radio: Check out our adult radio station full of sexy audios and live broadcasts throughout the week. During the live broadasts, you can also join us in our Adult Chatroom to join in with the interactive fun!

Enchantrix Empire Social Network: Join our Mistresses and other like-minded, kinky individuals at Enchantrix Empire, our adult social network, where you can share photos, stories, audios, and interact with other kinksters and LDW Mistresses.

The Jackoff Club: Join for special events and exclusive programs. Check out The Jackoff Club for a list of special events.

Masturbation Affirmation: This site provides affirmations for whatever your kink may be.


Giantess Island: Do you like your women big? I mean like REALLY big? If Giantess is your style, check out Giantess Island

Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex: Do you like to be tiny? Super tiny? A mere toy for a regular-sized Goddess? If so, check out Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex

Sexy Texting: Too shy for the phone? Or maybe you just have to be extra-quiet. With SexyTexting, you can have your sexy talk and your silence too. We used to call it "cybersex" we call it SexyTexting

Virtual World Phone Sex: Do you enjoy spending time in the virtual realm? Check out Virtual World Phone Sex.

Wake up Sexy: Why wake up to that annoying alarm clock when you can ease into your day with an erotic wake up call from

Enchantris Perks: Are you a frequent caller? Would you like to be notified of special events and get rewards points that can be redeemed for calls? Go sign up now, at Enchantrix Perks, to get all the benefits.

Vox Erotic: For the intelligent phone sex connoisseur - Vox Erotic leaves the fantasy playing field wide open

Sexy Story Tellers: Do you enjoy erotic stories and hearing them told by sexy, erotic women? Do you enjoy roleplaying erotic scenarios?

Erotic Voices: Does hearing a sexy, erotic voice purring in your ear get you all worked up? Check out erotic voices.

The Masturbation Interviews: People love to talk about their masturbation habits! If you love to read about them, visit The Masturbation Interviews

The Mistress Annex: Check out the addendum to, the Mistress Annex.

Spoiled Princess Palace: Are you attracted to spoiled princesses? If so, you'll want to check out Spoiled Princess Palace.


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